Square Dancing: Interactive A1 Flash Cards

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Anything & Cross

2x2 with 2 leaders and 2 trailers who are not facing directly.

Trailers Diagonally pull by using outside hands.

As Couples (Concept)

Any formation composed only of couples.

The couple is now a single unit.

Belles & Beaus


Beau Dancer on left.

Belle Dancer on right.

Cross Cloverleaf

As Cloverleaf.

Leaders ½ Sashay, blending into a Cloverleaf.

Trailers follow their respective leaders.

Cross Clover & Anything

Anywhere 2 couples or facing out and can do a Cross Cloverleaf.

Facing Out Cross Cloverleaf.

Others Anything.

Ends Bend

Any formation with the ends in a line.

Ends Do their part of Bend The Line.

Pair Off

Facing Dancers.

Face Out to end as a couple.

Partner Tag

Couple. Mini-wave.

Face partner.

Pass Thru.

¼ In | Out

Anywhere partner is defined. Anywhere Face In | Out can be done.

Turn in ¼ to face toward | away from partner. If no partner, face in toward | out from the center of your ½ of the set.

Explode & Anything


Step Thru.

¼ In.



Centers Step forward.

Ends Slide together.

¼ In.


Explode The Line

General line with centers facing the same way.

Explode & Right Pull By.

Fractional Tops

2 Parts

Thar. Wrong Way Thar.

1 Arm Turn ½.

2 Turn star. For an n/4 top stop at dancer n.

Grand Follow Your Neighbor


#1 Lead part in Follow Your Neighbor.

#2, #3, #4 Trailer's part in Follow Your Neighbor.

n ¼ Thru

2 Parts

Any appropriate.

1 Those who can Cast Off n/4 right.

2 Those who can Trade left.

A Swing Thru is a 2/4 Thru.

Grand ¼ | ¾ Thru

2 Parts

Right-hand columns.

To ¼ | ¾ Thrus as Grand Swing Thru is to Swing Thru.

Partner Hinge


Hinge to end in a mini wave.

½ a Partner Trade.

6-2 Acey Deucy

Anywhere with a very center 2 and an outside 6.

Very Centers Trade.

Others Circulate.

Split Square Thru n

Static square. T-bone.

Those Facing Right Pull By. ¼ In. That's 1.

Do the rest of a Square Thru.

Triple Scoot


#1 Lead part in Scoot Back.

#2, #3, #4 Trailer's part in Scoot Back.

Triple Trade

Any 3 pairs of adjacent dancers.

Very Ends Do nothing.

Others Trade.

Turn & Deal

Not Fractionalizable

General line.

½ tag.

Turn ¼ more in the direction you turned for the ½ tag.

Left Wheel Thru

Facing Couples.

Similar to Lead Right Left, except the Beaus pass right left shoulders.

Cross Over Circulate

General Lines.

Cross Over Circulate Paths. Looks like two parallelograms. New circulate path. Collisions: Facing same direction belle in front. Otherwise pass right shoulders.

Scoot & Dodge

Box circulate.

Trailers Scoot Back.

Leaders Dodge.

Direction Roll To A Wave

Dancers back to back. Tandem.

Leads Direction U-Turn Back.

All Direction touch to form waves.

Pass In | Out

2 Parts

Facing dancers.

1 Pass Thru.

2 Face in | out of the square, not the set.

Pass The Sea

3 Parts

Facing couples.

1 Pass Thru.

2 ¼ In.

3 Left Touch.

½ Breed Thru

2 Parts

Facing couples, composed of a man and a lady.

1 All Right Pull By.

2 Normal couples Courtesy Turn.

2 ½ sashayed couples U-Turn Back.

Goal: Get normal facing couples.

Cross Trail Thru

Facing couples.

In a single motion:

Cycle & Wheel

3-&-1 line.

In mini-wave Recycle.

Others Wheel & Deal.

Double Star Thru

2 Parts

Normal facing couples.

1 Star Thru.

2 Left Star Thru.

Triple Star Thru

3 Parts

Any appropriate.

1 Star Thru.

2 Left Star Thru.

3 Star Thru.

Lock It

General line. Diamond.

Centers Arm Turn ¼.

Ends Move up around ¼ circle.

Like a smaller Fan The Top.


2 Parts

General line.

1 Centers Cross Run.

2 New centers Trade.

If centers are facing the same way at the beginning, ½ Sashay blending into the Run.

Left Square Chain Thru

Facing couples.

Right Pull By.

¼ In.

Left Right Swing Thru.

Left Right Turn Thru.

Step & Slide

General line.

Centers Step forward.

Ends Slide sideways to meet.

Reverse Swap Around

Facing couples.

Belle Beau Walks.

Beau Belle Runs.

Horseshoe Turn

Any appropriate.

Outsides Cloverleaf.

Centers Partner Tag.

Cast A Shadow

General lines with ends forming a tandem.

Ends ½ Zoom. Cast Off ¾. Spread.

Centers facing out Cloverleaf. Step between casting dancers.

2 Centers facing in Extend. Hinge. Extend. If all centers facing in: Pass In. Pass Thru.

Chain Reaction

Any ¼ tag or ¼ line in which each very center can Pass Thru with an outside dancer.

Very Centers Pass Thru with dancer they are facing.

Ends Of Center Line Promenade ¼ around the outside.

Original very centers and adjacent dancers Hinge.

Centers Diamond Circulate.

Outsides Trade.

Finish It.

Transfer The Column


#1 & #2 Circulate 3 spots. Face In.

#3 & #4 Circulate 1 spot. Cast Off ¾. Extend to form waves.

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