Square Dancing: Interactive A2 Flash Cards

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#1 & #2 Circulate 4 spots. Face In.

#3 & #4 Circulate 2 spots. Face In. As Couples Circulate.


3 Parts

Parallel 2-faced lines.

Trailing couples

1 As Couples Extend.

2 Center two Hinge.

3 Flip The Diamond.

Lead couples

1 Face In. 2 Step Forward one spot. 3 Face In.


Facing Couples.

Beaus Step forward while doing a U-Turn Back.

Belles Veer Left to become ends of a left hand wave.

Peel & Trail

Anywhere Peel Off is possible.

Leaders Peel Off.

Trailers Trail Off. That is: [Step Forward]. Trade, passing left shoulders if necessary.

Pass & Roll

4 Parts

8 chain thru.

1 Pass Thru.

2 Centers Turn Thru.

2 Outsides U-Turn Back. Clap thighs twice.

3 Pass Thru.

4 Centers Pass Thru.

4 Outsides Right Roll To A Wave.

Pass & Roll Your Neighbor

8 chain thru.

Pass Thru.

Centers Turn Thru.

Outsides U-Turn Back. Clap thighs twice.

Pass Thru.

Centers Touch.

Follow Your Neighbor.

Scoot & Weave

2 Parts

Right or left box circulate.

1 Scoot Back. Scooting.

2 Weave, that is:

Trailers Left Touch ¼. Weaving.

Leaders ¼ Right.

Box / Split Transfer

Symmetric 2x2 formation with 2 leaders & 2 trailers.

Leads Box Circulate Twice. ¼ In.

Trailers Extend. Arm Turn ¾. Extend.

Like a Transfer The Column but in a box instead of columns.

Zig & Zag

Anywhere there are leads & trailers.

Zig: ¼ Right.

Zag: ¼ Left.

Transfer & Anything

Columns. Any appropriate.

#1 & #2 Transfer The Column.

#3 & #4 Circulate. Anything.

From non-column positions, #3 & #4 move forward to make a compact formation.

Trail Off

Anywhere Peel Off is possible.

Cross Peel Off.

Trade Circulate

Waves. 2-faced lines.

Leads Trade.

Trailers Diagonal Pass Thru.

When in two faced lines: Ding-ding-ding.

Switch To An Hourglass

Waves. Lines.

Centers Run.

Ends Hourglass Circulate.

Switch To A Diamond

Wave. Line.

Centers Run.

Ends Diamond Circulate.

Switch The Wave


Centers Run.

Ends Cross Run.


Line where each end & adjacent center is in a mini-wave.

Outside Arm Turn ½.


Line where each end & adjacent center is in a mini-wave.

Outside Slide nose-to-nose.


Line where centers form a mini-wave.

Inside Arm Turn ½.


Line where centers form a mini-wave.

Inside Slide nose-to-nose. Ssrsrsrsrsrs.

Split Square Chain Thru

Static square. T-bone.

Square Chain Thru from t-bones.

Box / Split Counter Rotate

Any 4-dancer formation with no dancers facing the flagpole center.

Make the floor a lazy-Susan. Rotate floor 90°.

Left Spin The Windmill

3 Parts

Anywhere with center wave or center facing couples.

Centers [Step to a Wave]. 1 Swing. 2 Slip. 3 Cast Off ¾.

Outsides Face as directed. Circulate 2 positions.

Single Wheel

Not Fractionalizable

Couple or mini-wave.

Hinge & Roll.

Wheel & Deal with each dancer taking the part of an entire couple.

Scoot Chain Thru


Leads Scoot Back.

Trailers Extend. Swing. Slip. Swing. Extend.

¼ Tag.

Extend. Swing. Slip. Swing. Extend.

Left Remake The Anything

3 Parts

Right hand mini-wave box. Facing diamond with centers in a right hand mini-wave.

1 Those who can Cast Off ¼ by the right.

2 Those who can Trade by the left.

3 Those who can Cast Off ¾ by the right.

Remake The Thar

3 Parts

Thar. Wrong-way thar.

1 End & adjacent center Arm Turn ¼.

2 Arm Turn ½ using other arm.

3 Arm Turn ¾ using other arm.

Out | In Roll Circulate

General lines with ends forming tandems.

End facing Out | In Circulate In | Out.

Others Run to vacated spot.




Ends Circulate ½.

Centers Cast Off ¾.

Star Turn ½.

Others Trade.

Finish It.

Hourglass Formation / Circulate

Hourglass Formation and Circulate Paths A diamond (mostly) in a box.

Flip The Hourglass


Points Flip in. Whoop. Flip your hands in the air.

Others Hourglass Circulate.

Cut The Hourglass


Points Slide together. Trade. Hi-ya! Karate chop.

Others Hourglass Circulate.

Diamond Chain Thru

3 Parts


1 Diamond Circulate.

2 Very centers Trade.

3 Center 4 Cast Off ¾.

All 8 / All 4 Couples

Static Square. Circle. Thar.

Allows all 8 dancers to do 4 person calls.

Any-Hand (Concept)

Allows calls that typically start right-handed to start either right- or left-handed.

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