Square Dancing: Interactive C1 Flash Cards

Definitions are intended to stimulate memory, not to be complete. Email me any comments or corrections.

Ordered by Tom Rinker's teaching order with minor modifications.

Start (Modifying Term)

Designated Dancers. Do the 1st part of the call.

Do the rest of the call.

Finish (Modifying Term)

Do all but the 1st part of the call.

Replace (Modifying Term)

Replace part of a call with some other call.

You must reevaluate your position upon resumption of the call.

But (Modifying Term)

2 uses:

  1. Certain calls have built-in stopping points. When But is used dancers Replace their part with the specified call.
  2. Used to get dancers' attention. Used before another modifying term.

You must reevaluate your position upon resumption of the call.

Ignore (Modifying Term)

2 uses:

  1. Ask dancers to use all spots, ignoring the designated dancers.
  2. Formation identification aid, pointing out dancers not part of the formation.

Interrupt (Modifying Term)

At the specified point of a call, do the specified action, then continue the original call.

You must reevaluate your position upon resumption of the call.

Skip (Modifying Term)

Shorthand for Replace with nothing.

You must reevaluate your position upon resumption of the call.

Delete (Modifying Term)

Shorthand for Replace with nothing.

You must reevaluate your position upon resumption of the call.

Prefer (Modifying Term)

Designate dancers different from those specified in the definition.

Left (Modifying Term)

Interchange right with left, clockwise with counter-clockwise, widdershins with sunwise, and promenade with reverse promenade.

Tally Ho

Parallel waves or lines. Trade-by. 2x4 t-bones.

All ½ Circulate.

Centers Hinge. ½ Box Circulate.

Outsides Trade.

Finish It.

This is a fast call.

Counter Rotate Fraction

Any with no dancers facing directly toward or away from the flagpole center.

Move forward the designated number of ¼s around the flagpole center of the formation. Fraction defaults to ¼.

Ah So

Wave. Line.

Each half of the wave or line working as a unit:

Ends Cross Fold.

Centers Follow along, keeping the unit intact.

A general version of Wheel & Deal.

Split Dixie Sashay

Not Fractionalizable

Facing couples. Facing tandems. Applicable t-bones.

Split Dixie Style To A Wave.


Cross Roll To A Wave / Line

Line. Wave.

Centers Cross Run.

Ends Run.

The opposite roles of Switch The Wave. Everyone is heading towards the center.

Triple Box (Concept)

Triple Box Concept Add four phantoms. Phantoms may not always be in the positions shown. Work within your own box of four (same letters).

Reverse Explode


Step thru.

¼ Out.

Vertical Tag Fraction

Box circulate. Facing couples. Others.

Trailing couple Belle step in front of the Beau (i.e., Single Shuffle C4).

Leading couple Single Wheel.

Mini wave Leads Fold.

Tag The Line Fraction.

Ramble / Scoot & Ramble

2 Parts

¾ Tag.

Outsides 1 Cast Back. 2 Slide Thru.

Centers 1 Single Wheel or Fold to face. 2 Slide Thru.

Scoot & Ramble is a 1 Scoot Back. 2, 3 Ramble.

Step & Fold

Inverted line. Wave. Diamond.

Centers Step forward.

Ends Fold.

Circle By M & N

2 Parts

Facing couples.

1 Circle Left M. Touch.

2 Cast Off N.

If N is nothing, then just step to a wave. N can be replaced by a call instead.

Left Swing The Fractions

5 Parts

Parallel waves. Other appropriate.

1 Those who can Right Arm Turn ¼.

2 Those who can Left Arm Turn ½.

3 Those who can Right Arm Turn ¾.

4 Those who can Left Arm Turn ½.

5 Those who can Right Arm Turn ¼.

A Remake is 3/5 a Swing The Fractions.

Reverse Single Rotate Fraction

2 Parts

Static square. Static square with some couples facing out.

Designated outside dancers 1 As Couples or Singly ¼ to Reverse Promenade direction. 2 Counter Rotate Fraction.

Others Step forward.

Interlocked Diamond Circulate

Interlocked Diamonds.

Interlocked Diamonds Circulate Paths 2 adjacent diamonds in which the very centers work with the furthest other 3 dancers.

Switch To An Interlocked Diamond

Parallel waves. Parallel lines.

Flip The Interlocked Diamonds

Cut The Interlocked Diamonds

Left Shakedown

Not Fractionalizable

Couples back to back.

¼ Right Or Left.

Box Counter Rotate & Roll.


3 Parts


At C1 and above, Recycle is redefined to have 3 parts.

1 Centers Fold behind ends and all adjust to a mini-wave box.

2 Box Counter Rotate.

3 Roll.

2/3 Recycle

2 Parts


First 2 parts of a Recycle.

Centers Fold. Adjust to box circulate formation.

Box Counter Rotate.

Square The Bases

Facing lines.

Centers Square Thru 3.

Ends Pass Thru. Ends Bend. Don't Touch Me

Split Square Thru 2.

Trade By.

Split Dixie Style To A Wave

2 Parts


1 Those facing Right Pull By. ¼ In.

2 Left Touch ¼.

Split Dixie Diamond

3 Parts

Facing couples. Facing tandems. 2 appropriate t-bones.

1, 2 Split Dixie Style To A Wave.

3 Centers Hinge.

3 Ends U-Turn Back.

Swing & Circle Fraction

Each ¼ is 1 Part

¼ tag. ¾ tag. Diamonds. Wave between parallel mini-waves.

Dancers in the wave Swing.

Very centers Trade.

Others Move around the formation based on the handedness of the wave.

Outsides Turn if necessary to end in ¼ tag.

Above definition is for ¼. Fraction defaults to 4. Sound effect for Swing & Circle ¼ is Thank you.


2 Parts

Any appropriate 2-dancer formation.

Dancers side by side 1 Trade. 2 Slide apart.

Dancers far apart 1 Slide together. 2 Trade.

Galaxy Formation / Circulate

Galaxy Formation & Circulate Paths A box within a diamond.

Squeeze The Hourglass / Galaxy

Hourglass. Galaxy.

Center 6 Squeeze.

Press Ahead

Any appropriate.

Designated dancer Move one dancer position forward.

Butterflies (Concept / Formation)

Butterfly Formation & Circulate Paths A column with the ends spread apart by two spaces. Can do any call that can be done from parallel general columns which ends in parallel general columns or parallel general lines. There is no such thing as a Butterfly wave.

Os (Concept / Formation)

O Formation & Circulate Paths A column with the centers spread apart by two spaces. Can do any call that can be done from parallel general columns which ends in parallel general columns or parallel general lines. There is no such thing as an O wave.

Rotary Spin

8 chain thru.

Right Pull By.

Centers Step to a left-hand wave. Cast Off ¾. Whir.

Ends Courtesy Turn & Roll.

Tandem (Concept)

The tandem is now a single unit.

Cross Cast Back

Not Fractionalizable

Any with definite leads not facing toward or away from flagpole center. Couple facing out of a 2x2 formation.

Lead / Designated Dancer Peel Off Trail Off & step forward to stand beside the other dancers.

Others Don't move.

Flip The Line Fraction


Centers Run.

Any-shoulder Tag The Line Fraction.

Little / Scoot & Little

¼ tag. ¾ tag.

Outsides ¼ Right or as directed. Counter Rotate.

Centers Step & Fold.

Scoot & Little is a Scoot Back & Little using the hot hand.


Triangle Formations An apex and either a (mini) wave-base or a tandem-base. In twin diamonds, there are many triangles.

Inpoint triangle Point facing in is the apex. Centers of the diamond are the base.

Inside triangle Near center of the wave is the apex. Points of the diamond are the base.

Outpoint triangle Point facing out is the apex. Centers of the diamond are the base.

Outside triangle End of the wave is the apex. Points of the diamond are the base.


Box circulate. Single 8 chain thru.

Extend to box circulate if starting in a single 8 chain thru.

Leaders ½ Box Circulate.

Trailers Cross Extend. Hinge.

Tagging Call Back (To A Wave)

2 Parts

Wave. Line.

1 Tagging Call to ½ Tag position.

2 Scoot Back.

Tag Back (To A Wave), Vertical Tag Back (To A Wave), Flip Back.


Block Formation 4x4 matrix. No two real bodies have a real body between them. 1 space between all bodies in a block.

Allowable calls: 4-person calls or sequences of calls that start & end in a 2x2 formation. Work only with your block. If you need to work momentarily in waves, they are slightly offset.

Don't forget to point to people in your block.

Stretch (Concept)

All appropriate.

Applied to 2- or 4-person calls.

Do the call.

Dancers who end as centers Move to center spots farthest from dancers they had been working with along the long axis of the formation.

When ending in diamonds, applies to very centers. When applied to tidal formations or generalized lines, applies to center 4.

Cross Chain Thru

2 Parts

8 chain thru.

1 Right Pull By.

2 Ends Courtesy Turn.

2 Centers Left Hand Star ½ to end in an 8 chain thru.

Left Wheel Fan Thru

Facing couples.

Start a Left Wheel Thru.

Beaus Belles When they meet, Trade.

Finish the Left Wheel Thru.

Concentric (Concept)

Half of the dancers must be centers, half must be outsides.

Centers Do call normally.

Outsides Work with each other and do call around the outside.

If the call begins in columns, it finishes in columns. If it begins in lines, it ends in lines.

If the call ends in a 2x2 box but starts elsewhere, the outside dancers adjust so the long axis of the ending formation is orthogonal to the that of the starting formation.

T-Bone (Formation)

A formation where some people are in lines or waves and some are in columns. Do your part of the call. Caller will not say "T-Bone". Recognize it on your own.

Alter The Wave


4 Parts

1 Swing.

2 Centers Cast Off ¾.

2 Ends U-Turn Back.

(i.e., Fan Back C4).

3 Box Counter Rotate the Diamond ½.

4 Flip The Diamond.

Pass The Axle / Anything The Axle

4 Parts

Trade by. Completed double pass thru. 8 chain thru.

1 Centers Pass Thru if they can.

2 Ends Cross Cast Back.

3 Swing.

4 Centers Trade.

Essentially, get to a completed double pass thru formation, and then start with the ends part. Pass The Axle is a Pass Thru The Axle.

Phantom Formation / Concept

Phantom Formation Add phantoms. Some dancers are in lines or columns at the head. Some dancers are in lines or columns at the side. Each dancer acts as if they were in parallel waves, parallel lines, or columns.

3x2 Acey Deucey

Any appropriate.

Very centers Trade.

Others Triangle Circulate.

Relay The Top

4 Parts

Parallel waves.

1 Swing.

2 Centers Arm Turn ¾.

2 Ends ½ Circulate.

3 Star Turn ¼.

3 Others Trade.

4 Finish It.

Cross Chain & Roll

8 chain thru.

Cross Chain Thru & Roll. Ends in parallel waves.


Appropriate parallel waves. Appropriate parallel lines. 8 chain thru.

1½ Circulate.

Center 4 Hinge & Cross (i.e., Nicely C4).

Ends Turn Thru.

"Percolate But Anything" means the Hinge & Cross is replaced as appropriate.

Up, up.

Plenty / Scoot & Plenty

¼ tag. ¾ tag.


Split Circulate 2.

Ends Counter Rotate & Roll.

Centers ½ Zoom.

Scoot & Plenty is a Scoot Back & Plenty using the hot hand.

Siamese (Concept)

2 tandems & 2 couples.

Couples Work As Couples.

Tandems Work In Tandems.

Jay Walk

Dancers facing or at an angle.

Like a Pass Thru but dancers don't have to be facing directly.


2 Parts for Centers

Parallel lines. Waves. T-bones with ends in lines.

Centers 1 Trade 2 & Roll.

Ends ¼ Out. Trade. O Circulate.

Relay The Shadow

Tidal wave.


Center 6 Cast Off ¾.

Ends Counter Rotate to meet very centers.

Center 4 Hinge & Spread.

Others Centers part of Cast A Shadow.

On the Hinge & Spread, there is no real hand hold. Dancers just tap hands on the way by. People with the in-facing part of Cast A Shadow have to delay until others clear out.

Follow Thru

Box circulate. T-bone. Single ¼ tag.

½ a Scoot Back.

All 8 Recycle

¼ Tag. Wave between parallel mini-waves.

Centers Wider than normal Recycle outside the outsides.

Outsides Step forward. Recycle or Split Recycle.

Scatter Scoot Chain Thru

Parallel waves.

Split Square Chain The Top

Facing couples. T-bone.

Those facing Right Pull By.

¼ In.

Left Spin The Top. Top. Top. Top.

Left Turn Thru.

Make Magic


Center & outside dancer facing Pass Thru.

Center facing in Diagonal Pull By with outside hand.

If all 4 centers facing in Cross Trail Thru.


Magic Columns

Magic Columns Circulate Paths Ends of one column and the centers of the other column. If end and center are facing, they pass using the end's inside shoulder. The center dancer moves first. If you leave the circulate path, finish the call as usual.



The children, Lucille.

Anything The Windmill

Any appropriate.

Centers, or everyone if an 8 person call Anything.

Centers Cast Off ¾.

Ends Face as directed. Circulate twice, or as directed.

Twist The Line

Line with centers facing the same way and appropriate gender.

Twist & Star Thru.

Twist & Anything

Line with centers facing the same way.

Centers Step forward. Trade.

Ends (or all if specified) Face In. Move in. Anything.


Box circulate. Tandem couples.

Leaders ¾ Zoom.

Trailers Circulate. ¼ In.

Triple Cross


6 dancers who can Pull by on the diagonal using outside hands. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Reverse Cross & Turn

Facing couples.

Beaus Belles Right Pull By. Bang! G-nab!

Belles Beaus U-Turn Back.

Linear Action

¼ tag. ¾ tag. Wave between parallel mini-waves, ¼ or ¾ line. 2-faced line between parallel mini-waves.


Centers Box Circulate 1½.

Outsides Trade.

Finish It.

Step & Flip

Lines. Waves.

Centers Step forward.

Ends Run.

Cross By

Thar. Wrong way thar. Parallel waves.

½ Circulate Sashaying as you go, joining opposite hands from initial handhold.

Box / Split Recycle

Box circulate.

Without letting go of hands:

Trailers Extend. U-Turn Back to end with their original outside hands joined.

Leads Follow along.

2x2 formation where ½ the box is a couple and the other ½ is a right-hand mini-wave.

Couple Recycle.

Mini-wave Split Recycle.

Anything To A Wave

As appropriate for Anything.

Do Anything except for the final Step Thru or Extend.

Cross Your Neighbor

Box circulate.

Follow Your Neighbor with trailers using the opposite hand from usual.

Beaus & Belles (Naming Convention)


Beau Dancer whose partner is to their right.

Belle Dancer whose partner is to their left.

Chase Your Neighbor

2 Parts

Couples back to back.

1 Start a Chase Right.

2 Blending into a Follow Your Neighbor.

Chain Reaction

Any appropriate.

An A1 Chain Reaction from more positions. Wimps.

Switch The Line


Centers Run.

Ends Cross Run.

Cross Extend

Any appropriate.

As one movement: Extend, those ending in a mini-wave slide nose-to-nose and end in an opposite-handed mini-wave.

Anything Chain Thru

2 Parts

Any appropriate.


1 Very centers Trade.

2 Center 4 Cast Off ¾.

Reverse Wheel & Anything

Any with exactly 2 couples as outsides and facing out.

Outsides Reverse As Couples Promenade ¼.

Others Anything.


Tandem couples.

Couple in front Make an arch. Back up.

Couple in back Duck under arch.

Trade by.

Center couple. Make an arch. Back up over the outside couple to end in an 8 chain thru.

Triple Wave / Line / Column (Formation)

Phantom setup of 3 Adjacent 1x4 Waves / Lines / Columns.

With the Flow

Facing couples.

Previous call must have flow.

Walk & Dodge with dancers closest to flow direction doing the walking.

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