Square Dancing: Interactive C2 Flash Cards

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Anything & Circle n/4

Any applicable.

All or Center 4 Anything.

Outside 6 Move around the formation based on the handedness of the wave as in a Swing & Circle.

Above definition is for ¼. n defaults to 4.

Chisel Thru

3 Parts

Facing lines. Right-hand tidal wave.

1 Concentric Pass In.

2 Ends Pass In.

2 Centers Pass Out.

3 Pass In.


Parallel waves. Applicable parallel 3-&-1 lines with only left-end dancers facing out.

Out-facing end & adjacent dancer Recycle.

In-facing end & adjacent center Split or Facing Recycle.

Once Removed (Concept)

Any applicable.

Divide formation along its long axis into planes of dancers. Dancers in every other plane do the call together. At the end of the call, dancers end in their original set of planes.

Reverse Single Rotate n/4

Parallel lines composed entirely of couples.

As Couples Singly ¼ To Reverse Promenade Direction.

Put left right shoulder in.

Split Counter Rotate n/4.

Reverse Split Swap Around

Not Fractionalizable

Facing couples. 2x2 t-bones in which everyone is a trailer.

Belles Beaus Walk.

Beaus Belles Dodge.

¼ Right Left.

Reverse Crazy (Concept)

4 Parts

Parallel lines. Parallel waves. Tidal wave. etc.

1 Each ½ of the square Do the call.

2 Centers Do the call.

3 Each ½ of the square Do the call.

4 Centers Do the call.

Reverse Crazy starts with Centers doing the call 1st.

Peel Trail To A Diamond

Mini-wave box. Z.

Leaders Peel Off or Trail Off.

Trailers Extend. Hinge.

Counter / Scoot & Counter

¾ tag. Other applicable.

Scoot & Counter is a Scoot Back & Counter.

Here Comes the Judge / Sock It To Me

Line with both ends facing the same direction.

Prefer the right / left most dancer, Out Roll Circulate.

Unwrap The Formation


2 Dancers Closest To The Center Facing In Walk straight ahead to become #1 in a column.

Others Formation circulate until reaching lead dancer's starting position. Then follow lead dancer.

Catch n

Facing couples.

Square Thru n To A Wave.

Centers Trade.

Step & Fold

Direction Loop n

Anywhere a Run is possible. Single dancer.

Designated dancer Run in direction past n dancer positions.

Others Do not move or adjust.

Stack The Line

2 Parts

Tandem couples. Mini-wave box. Applicable 2x2 t-bones.

1 ¼ In.

2 Original Leaders Move ahead to the dancer in front of them and join right hands.

2 Original Trailers Adjust sideways as necessary to end in a right-hand mini-wave box.

Along / Swing Along

Tidal Wave.

Very Ends Counter Rotate ¼. Extend.

Center 6 Hinge. Circulate. Grand Peel & Trail.

A Swing Along is a Swing then an Along.

Exchange The Diamond Fraction

Each ¼ is 1 Part

Twin diamonds. Point-to-point diamonds.

Very Centers Interlocked Diamond Circulate around the outside.

Others Diamond Circulate.

The above definition is for ¼.

Split Grand Chain 8

Double pass thru. 8 chain thru. Facing lines. Other applicable.

Those Who Can Right Pull By. ¼ In.

Move along if necessary.

Step to a left-hand wave or mini-wave.

Centers Courtesy Turn Ends ¼ of a turn.

If you mess up, the fix is U-Turn Back.

Anyone Cross Kick Off

Couple. Mini-wave. Line. Wave.

Designated Dancers Cross Run & Roll.

Others Partner Tag.

Offset Waves / Lines / Columns (Formation)


A 2x4 formation, divided into 2, 2x2 boxes shifted relative to the dividing line.

Rotary Anything

8 chain thru.

Right pull by.

Ends Courtesy Turn & Roll.

Centers Step to a left hand wave. Anything.

Anything The K / Cross The K

2 Parts

Any applicable.


Centers Trade.

Ends U-Turn Back away from the Center of the formation.

Cross The K is a Cross Trail Thru The K.

Fascinating Anything / Fascinate

Parallel waves. Parallel 2-faced lines. Other applicable.

Centers Arm Turn ¾.

Ends Circulate 1½.

Outside 4 Of The Line Of 6 Concentric Anything.

Center 2 Of The Line Of 6 Trade.

Lonesome Outside Dancer Counter Rotate ¼.

A Fascinate is a Fascinating Wheel & Deal.

Funny Anything n (Concept)

n Parts


Those who can do Anything n times.

Lateral Substitute

Any applicable.

Designated Dancers Slide sideways towards outsides.

Others Move into vacated spot.

Designated Dancers defaults to Centers.

Reshape The Triangle

Wave-based triangle. Tandem-based triangle.

Move forward to the next triangle position, changing your facing direction ¼ or ½ towards the center of the triangle. Changes a tandem-based triangle to a wave-based triangle and vice-versa. The handedness of the triangle does not change.

Cross & Wheel

2 Parts

Parallel lines consisting of couples.

1 As Couples Hinge.

2 As Couples Step & Fold.

Grand Cross Trade & Wheel

3 Parts

Applicable parallel lines.

1 As Couples Hinge.

2 Very Centers Center 6 Trade Triple Trade.

3 As Couples Step & Fold.

Grand Single Cross & Wheel

2 Parts

Non-t-bone 2x2. Columns.

1 Hinge.

2 Grand Step & Fold.

Grand Single Cross Trade & Wheel

3 Parts

Non-t-bone 2x2. Columns of 3 or more.

1 Hinge.

2 Centers All Except Very Ends Trade.

3 Step & Fold.

Parallelogram (Formation)


A 2x4 formation divided into 2 1x4 lines shifted relative to the dividing line.

Reverse Cut The Diamond


Centers Squeeze.

Points Diamond Circulate.

Reverse Flip The Diamond


Centers Flip away from each other.

Points Diamond Circulate.

Cross Ramble / Scoot & Cross Ramble

2 Parts

¾ tag. Other applicable.

1 Outsides Cross Cast Back.

1 Centers Cross Fold to face.

2 Slide Thru.

A Scoot & Cross Ramble is a Scoot Back & Cross Ramble.

Walk Out To A Wave


#1 & #2 Trail Off.

New Ends (#1) Run.

#3 Circulate. U-Turn Back.

#4 Circulate. Press Out.

Like the end of Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears.

Alter & Circulate

5 Parts

Parallel waves.

1 Swing.

2 Centers Cast Off ¾.

2 Ends U-Turn Back.

(i.e., Fan Back C4).

3 Very Centers Trade.

3 Ends Who Turned Back Circulate.

4 Box Counter Rotate The Diamond ½.

5 Flip The Diamond.

Chain The Square

8 chain thru. Parallel right-hand waves.

Right Pull By

Outsides Courtesy Turn. Veer Left.

Centers Step to a left-hand wave.

Very Centers Left-Face U-Turn Back. Courtesy Turn the ends.

As Couples Extend.

Stagger (Concept)


Do the call as if you are columns.

Reverse Truck

Any appropriate.

Men Sidestep one position to the left right.

Women Sidestep one position to the right left.

Turn To A Line

Not Fractionalizable

Any non-t-bone box of 4.

Leaders ¼ Right.

Trailers ¼ Left.

Put the right shoulder in.

Extend twice.

Turn ¼ more in the direction you turned initially.

Anything (Concept)


Replace the 1st Circulate in a call ( Coordinate, Motivate, Percolate, Perk Up ) with Anything.

If Anything is a Circulate type call, the word Circulate is dropped. If Anything is a Counter Rotate, the word Rotate is dropped.

Cross Concentric Concept

As Concentric.

As Concentric except insides end on outside, and outsides end on inside. Centers do their part first. Then ends slide in and do theirs.

Swap The Wave

Not Fractionalizable


Rear back to visualize facing couples.

Belles Step Thru.

Beaus Flip Over, as in a Swap Around, by stepping forward and passing right shoulders with the other Beau.

m By n Transfer | Checkmate The Column (Concept)


1st m Do part of call normally done by 1st 2 dancers.

Last n Do part of call normally done by last 2 dancers.

Wheel The Ocean

2 Parts

Back-to-back couples. Tandem couples.

1 Leaders / Designated Dancers Wheel Around.

2 Belles Diagonally Right Pull By.

Wheel The Sea

2 Parts

Back-to-back couples. Tandem couples.

1 Leaders / Designated Dancers Wheel Around.

2 With The Flow.


Applicable general ¼ tag.

Outsides Their part of a Facing or Split Recycle.

Centers Their part of a Facing or Split Recycle on the diagonal with the Outsides.

Cross Invert the Column n/4

Parallel columns.

Relocate The Setup


Very Centers Arm Turn ¾.

Others Counter Rotate ¼.

Triangle Working As A Box (Concept)

Tandem-based triangle.

Apex Considered a trailer.

Notably used for Triangle Peel & Trail.

3 x 1 Triangle Formation / Circulate

3 x 1 Triangle & Circulate Paths Triangle containing 1 apex dancer and 3 base dancers.

Interlocked Triangle Formation / Circulate

2 adjacent Triangles in which the apexes work with the furthest other 2 dancers.

Interlocked 3x1 Triangle Formation / Circulate

Interlocked 3x1 Triangle & Circulate Paths 2 adjacent 3x1 Triangles in which the apexes work with the furthest other 3 dancers.

File To A Line

General columns.

Ends Slide apart.

Centers Column Circulate 2.

There is an implicit adjustment after the call. The lines end close together.

Little More / Scoot & Little More

Generalized ¼ tag.


Centers Box Circulate.

A Scoot & Little More is a Scoot Back & Little More.

Sets In Motion

Parallel lines. Other applicable.

Outsides Circulate 1½.

Outsides Who Line Up With Center Column Face In.

Centers Hinge.

Very Center Two Trade.

Center Column Grand Pass Thru until original Center 4 have cleared the center and trailers have a compact right-handed setup.

1st Of Original Center 4 Left Peel Off.

2nd Of Original Center 4 Right Peel Off.

Stretched Setup (Concept)

8-dancer formation.

Viewed along the formation's long axis, group the dancers into pairs. Work in alternate pairs, with the pairs ending on the far side.

Tagging Call Your Neighbor

2 Parts


1 Tagging Call to ½ Tag position.

2 Follow Your Neighbor.

Cut The Galaxy


Outsides Slide together & Trade.

Centers Galaxy Circulate.

Flip The Galaxy


Outsides Flip in.

Centers Galaxy Circulate.

Disconnected (Concept)

Specified Dancers Work in a setup which has gaps. Do the call working to spots.

Press Direction

Any appropriate.

Designated dancers As one movement, move one position forward & one position in direction.

Others Do not move or adjust.

Perk Up

Parallel waves. Parallel inverted lines.


½ Split Circulate.

Centers Hinge. Box Circulate. Trade. Hinge, circy, trade.

Ends Circulate 2.

Up, up.

Rims | Hubs Trade Back / Anything

2 Parts

Parallel lines. Thar. Promenade. Line. Other applicable.

Hubs are original centers.

Rims are original ends.

1 Partner Trade.

2 Original Rims | Hubs Anything, Concentrically if necessary.

In a Rims | Hubs Trade Back, Anything is a Circulate.

Split Trade Circulate

Inverted box. Other applicable 2x2.

Leaders Box Circulate.

Trailers Cross Over Circulate passing right shoulders if necessary.

Checkpoint Anything By Anything

Any where there are centers of each side.

Centers Of Each Side Do the 1st Anything call, ending, if possible, near the short axis of the starting formation.

Others Slide into the center, do the 2nd Anything call, and remain in the center.

Circle To A Wave

2 Parts

Facing couples.

1 Circle Left ¼

2 With The Flow.

Criss Cross Your Neighbor

Mini-wave box. Applicable 2x2.

Dodge Anything


Centers Walk & Dodge.

Ends Their part of Anything.

Ripple n / Ripple The Wave / Like A Ripple

Wave. Tidal wave. Various.

Designated Dancer(s) Arm Turn ½ n times toward the center of the wave.

From a line of n Ripple The Wave is Ripple n - 1.

Like A Ripple replaces the Arm Turn(s) with the specified Call(s).


2 Parts


1 Arm Turn ¼.

2 U-Turn Back in flow direction.

Criss Cross The Shadow

Parallel lines with ends in tandem. Promenade.

Ends ½ Zoom to the wrong hand. Cast Off ¾ & Spread.

Out-Facing Centers Cloverleaf to the opposite center spot.

In-Facing Centers Cross Extend. Hinge. Extend.

A Cast A Shadow using the wrong hand.

Grand Cross Back

Mini-wave box. Columns.

Leaders U-Turn Back.

Trailers Diagonally pull by.

Reverse Cut The Galaxy


Centers Squeeze.

Outsides Galaxy Circulate.

Reverse Flip The Galaxy


Centers Flip out.

Outsides Galaxy Circulate.

Drop Direction

Diamond. Generalized single ¼ tag with centers in a mini-wave.

Centers Extend.

Others ¼ Direction.

Lines Anything Thru

Any applicable where outside 4 can circulate.

Centers Anything.

Outside 4 Circulate.

Solid (Concept)

Any applicable.

Named formation work as a unit of one.

Single Bounce The Anyone

2 Parts

2-faced line. Mini-wave.

1 Single Veer back-to-back.

2 Anyone U-Turn Back in flow direction.


Parallel lines or applicable formations with ends in tandem.

Outsides ½ Zoom. Hinge.

Centers Counter Rotate ¼.

Hocus Pocus

Parallel lines. Parallel waves. Coulmns. Other applicable.

Centers Trade.

Others Phantom O Circulate 2.

Vertical Anything

Non-t-bone 2x2.

Vertical Tag 0.


Zip Code n

2x4 with centers in generalized columns. Other applicable.

Centers Quarter Out. & Run away from the center of the set. (Zip Code 1)

Pass Thru. (Zip Code 2, 4, etc.)

Ends Bend. (Zip Code 3, 5, etc.)

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