Square Dancing: Interactive C3A Flash Cards

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Ordered by Tom Rinker's teaching order.

Travel Thru

2 Parts

Facing couple. Right-hand waves. Other applicable.

1 Pass Thru.

2 As Couples ¼ Right.

Cross Chain Reaction

Applicable generalized ¼ tag.

Chain Reaction except Very Centers Jay Walk with diagonally facing outside dancer.

Big Block (Concept)

Interlocked blocks. Butterfly. O. Other applicable.

Do the call working in distorted parallel lines, working to the original spots.

Snap The Lock

Parallel lines.

Partner Tag.

Outsides Partner Tag.

Centers Touch. Lock It. Step Thru.

Breaker Anything | n

Right | left-hand columns. Magic columns. Applicable t-bone 2x4s.

Center Line Anything | Cast Off n/4.

Others Hourglass Circulate.

Triple Diamond (Concept)

Triple Diamond 3 adjacent diamonds with some positions occupied by phantoms.

Explode The Top

Parallel lines.


End Beau Circulate 1½.

End Belle Circulate. Veer Inward. U-Turn Back.

Centers Touch ½.

Very Centers Cast Off ¾.

Other Centers Step ahead to form a right-hand star. Raise left hand.

Turn the star ¼.

Other Centers Lead an Unwrap The Star.

Face In.

Anyone Hop

2 Parts

Facing couples. Any applicable non t-bone 2x2.

1 Designated Dancers Walk. Others Dodge.

2 Hinge.

Interlocked Scoot (Back)

¼ Line.

Scoot Back in your interlocked single ¼ tag.

Jay (Concept)

Generalized ¼ tag. Other applicable.

Work in a distorted box to the footprints and with the dancers with whom you would normally Jay Walk.


2 Parts

Generalized Tidal Line. Other applicable.

Center Wave 1, 2 Lock The Hinge.

Others 1 Trade. 2 Step & Fold.

Locker's Choice 1 Lock It. 2, 3 Choice.

Bias Circulate

Parallel waves. Other applicable.

Leaders Circulate.

Trailers Diagonal Box Circulate. Use stars for circulates.

Split Catch Anything n


Split Catch n, Replace the Trade with Anything.

Rally / Scoot & Rally

2 Parts for Centers

Generalized ¼ tag. Other applicable.

Scoot & Rally Scoot Back. Rally.

Rally But Rally, Replace the Peel & Trail with Anything.

Cross Swap The Top

Facing couples.

Belles Follow Your Neighbor or Cross Your Neighbor.

Beaus Leads' part of Follow Your Neighbor. Dead Fish.

Initially Any Concept Anything (Concept)


Do the 1st part of Anything using the Any Concept.

Do the remainder of Anything normally.

Split Phantom Formation (Concept)

Split Phantom Add phantoms to fill a 4x4 matrix. Split the 4x4 into two sets of adjacent 2x4s. Work in the resulting 2x4s.

The Gamut / Swing The Gamut

Parallel lines with centers in tandem.

Cut The Diamond. Look! There's a diamond.

Swing The Gamut Swing. The Gamut.

Slant Anything 1 By Anything 2

Parallel 2-faced lines. Other applicable.

Trailers Dodge inwards to form facing couples. Anything 1.

Leaders Anything 2.

Slant Touch By Wheel Slant Touch By Wheel & Deal.

Follow To A Diamond

Mini-wave box. Applicable 2x2 t-bone.

Trade The Deucey

Parallel lines. Twin diamonds. Generalized thar. Other applicable.

Quack. Quack.

Triple Play


#1 Dancer Transfer.

Others ½ Circulate. Trade.

#1 Dancer Of New Columns Transfer.

Others In Columns ½ Circulate. Hinge.


Hey. Hey. Hey.

Triple Play But Triple Play, Replace the Hinge & Extend with Anything.

Latch On Fraction

2 Parts

Tandem dancers. Facing dancers. Back-to-back dancers.

1 Right Roll To A Wave.

2 Arm Turn ¼ or Fraction.

Polly Wally

Generalized columns.

¼ to Promenade direction.

Step ahead.

Ends Turn ¼ more in the direction you initially turned.

Centers ¼ to Promenade direction. Step ahead.

Ease Off

2 Parts for Centers. 1 Part for Ends.

Parallel lines. Other applicable.

1 Ends Zing.

Centers 1 Concentric Circulate. 2 Face In.

Strip The Diamonds

Twin diamonds. Hourglass.

Outside 4 ½ Zoom. Trade.

Very Centers Cast Off ¾.

Other Centers Counter Rotate ¼ to end on the outside.

Stable (Concept)

Do the call without changing facing directions, ending in the same spot were the call done normally.

Drift Apart

2 Parts


Ends 1, 2 Split Circulate 2.

Out-facing Center 1 Cross Over Circulate. 2 Circulate.

In-facing Center 1 Circulate. 2 Cross Over Circulate.

Grand Mix

2 Parts

Generalized tidal line.

1 Center Pairs Of Dancers Grand Cross Run.

2 New Center Pairs Of Dancers Trade.

Touch By Fraction 1 By Fraction 2 | Anything

2 Parts

Single double pass thru. The formation obtained from a diamond after everyone ¼ In. Other applicable.

1 Centers Touch Fraction 1 & Spread.

1 Others Step Forward.

2 New Centers Touch Fraction 2 | Anything.

Keep Busy

4 Parts for Trailers. 2 Parts for Leaders.

Parallel 2-faced lines.

Leaders 1 Couples Circulate 2 With The Flow.

Trailers 1 ½ Circulate. 2 Very Centers Hinge. 3 Flip The Diamond. 4 Step & Fold.

Something New


#1 & #2 Dancers Couple Up.

#3 Dancer ½ Circulate. U-Turn Back.

#4 Dancer Circulate. Veer Out.

Checker Board | Box Anything

2x4 with precisely 2 leaders in each line. Other applicable.

Leaders Trade.

Others Anything, working in a distorted 1x4 | 2x2.

Trip The Set

2 Parts

Parallel lines with ends back-to-back. Other applicable.

Ends 1 Cross Fold 2 & Roll.

Centers 1 Concentric ¼ Out. 2 Trade.

Your Leader

Right-hand ¾ tag.

Centers Arm Turn ¾.

Outsides ¼ Right. Tandem Cross Fold.

Tandem Extend.

Follow Your Leader

Parallel waves.

Tandem Extend.

Follow Your Leader ½ Split Circulate Your Leader, Outsides Go As You Are.

Scoot The Diamond

Single ¼ tag.

Scoot Back.

Outsides ¼ To Handhold.

Diamond Circulate.

Spin The Pulley

3 Parts

Static set. Formation obtained from a static set after heads | sides step into the center. Wave between and perpendicular to facing couples.

1 Centers Or Designated Dancers Arm Turn ¾.

2 Triple Cross.

3 Peel Off.

Spin The Pulley But Spin The Pulley, Replace the Peel Off with Anything.

Anything The Pulley Spin The Pulley, Replace the Arm Turn ¾ with Anything.

Single Checkmate

Team Up


Ends ½ Circulate. Hinge.

Centers Concentric Beaus Run Belles Dodge.

Interlocked Little | Little More | Plenty

Generalized ¼ line. Other applicable.

Little | Little More | Plenty except Centers Step & Cross Fold.

An Interlocked Scoot & Little | Little More | Plenty Interlocked Scoot Back. Interlocked Little | Little More | Plenty.

8 By Anything


Outsides Grand Chain 8 & Roll.

Centers Anything working in the center.

Mini Chase

2x2s with all leads.

Belles Shakedown.

Beaus Partner Tag.

Exchange The Boxes Fraction

Each ¼ is 1 Part


In-Facing Centers Circulate to your diagonally opposite position.

Others Split Circulate.

The above definition is for ¼.

Release Anything

Generalized ¼ tag. Generalized ¼ diamond.

End Of Center 4 Press Ahead.

Unapproached Outside Dancer Press Out.

Outsides Anything with phantoms if necessary.

Remove phantoms between outsides and centers unless Anything is a phantom call or concept.


3 Parts for Centers. 2 Parts for Ends.

¾ tag. Other applicable.

Centers 1 Trade The Wave. 2 Hinge 3 & Cross (i.e., Nicely C4).

Ends 1 Cross Cast Back. 2 Pass In.

Exchange The Triangles Fraction

Each 1/3 is 1 Part

Twin triangles.

Apex Dancer (in apex-to-apex triangles) Triangle Circulate to the other triangle.

In-Facing Base Dancer (in base-to-base triangles) Triangle Circulate to the other triangle.

Others Triangle Circulate.

The above definition is for 1/3.

Reach Out

Mini-wave box. Tandem couples. Applicable 2x2 t-bones.

¼ | ¾ The Deucey

Parallel ocean waves.

Arm Turn ¼ | ¾.

Centers Cast Off ¼ | ¾.

Lead End Circulate.

Trailing End ½ Circulate.

Star Turn ¼ | ¾.

Center Wave Cast Off ¼ | ¾.

Lonesome Center Hourglass Circulate.

Plan Ahead

Fancy / Scoot & Fancy


Trailers Press Out.

Trailing Couple ½ Press Ahead.

Any-shoulder Turn & Deal, outsides working with phantoms.

Scoot & Fancy 1 Triple Scoot. 2 Fancy.

Swing Chain Thru

4 Parts

Parallel waves. 8 chain thru. Other applicable.

Swing Chain (Concept) C4 Thru.

Single (Concept)

Each dancer takes the place of 2 dancers.

Peel Chain Thru

Trade by. ¾ tag.

Centers Arm Turn ½. Slip.

Outsides Cast Back. Touch ½.

Any-Hand Fan The Top.

Link Up

Parallel 2-faced lines.


2 Parts

Any applicable non t-bone 2x2 box.

1 Box Recycle.

2 Step & Fold.

Anything Like A Recoil Anything. Step & Fold.

Delight | Dilemma

4 Parts for Centers

¾ tag. Other applicable.

Outsides Quarter Right | Left. Circulate 2.

Centers 1 Swing. 2, 3 Slip Twice. 4 Cast Off ¾.

This is a Spin The Windmill Right | Left, Centers Slip twice.

Wrap To A Formation


#1 ½ Split Circulate. Phantom Formation Circulate 2.

#2 Circulate. ½ Split Circulate. Phantom Formation Circulate.

#3 Circulate 2½.

#4 Circulate 3.

Finally (Concept)


Do all but the last part of Anything normally.

Do the last part of Anything using the Any Concept.

Cross Counter / Scoot & Cross Counter

3 Parts

¾ tag. Other applicable.

Scoot & Cross Counter Scoot Back. Cross Counter.

Cross Counter is a Counter except Centers Trade The Wave before the Cast Off ¾ & Outsides Replace Cast Back with Cross Cast Back.

Couple Up

2 Parts

Applicable 2x2.

1 Box Circulate.

2 Leaders U-Turn Back.

Anything Like A Couple Up Anything. Leaders U-Turn Back.

¼ | ¾ Mix

3 Parts

Right-hand mini-wave box. Diamond with centers in a right-hand mini-wave. Other applicable.

1 Those Who Can Right Arm Turn ¼ | ¾

2,3 Those In A Line Or Wave Mix

Lock The Hinge

2 Parts

Wave. 2-faced line.

1Lock It.


Lock The Anything Lock It. Anything.

Hinge The Lock

2 Parts

Applicable non t-bone 2x2.


2Lock It.

Anything The Lock Anything. Lock It.

Quick Step

¼ box. Other applicable.

#2 Dancer Press Out.

Ah So with approached dancer.

Others Circulate.

Quick Anything Quick Step, Replace the Ah So with Anything.

Open Up The Column


If a Transfer The Column is a Trail Off The Column then an Open Up The Column is a Trail & Peel The Column.

Open Up The Column But Open Up The Column, Replace the Cast Off ¾ & Extend with Anything.

Scatter Circulate

Parallel 2-faced lines. Other applicable 2x4s.

Ends Split Circulate.

Out-Facing Center Cross Over Circulate.

In-Facing Center Concentric Cross Over Circulate.

Spin Chain The Line

Tidal wave. Facing lines. Other applicable.

Arm Turn ½.

Centers Of Each Side Cast Off ¾ & Spread.

Very Centers Trade.

Very Centers & Very Ends Slide Together. Cast Off ¾.

Flare Out To A Line

Parallel 2-faced lines. Other applicable.

Leaders Turn To A Line away from the center.

Trailers ½ Circulate.

Expand The Column

2x4 with outsides in columns. Other applicable.

Centers Phantom Run.

Outsides Column Circulate 2.

Own Anyone Anything 1 By Anything 2


Anyone Do your part of Anything 1.

Others Do our part of Anything 2.

4-dancer calls: centers work with outsides.

Single File Recoil | Recycle

Single double pass thru.

Single File (Concept) C4. Recycle | Recoil.

¼ | ¾ Wheel The Ocean | Sea

Left-|right-hand 2-faced line.

Left Cast ¼ | ¾.

Finish a Wheel The Ocean | Wheel The Sea.

Tagging Call Chain Thru


Tagging Call to ½ Tag position.

Scoot Chain Thru.

Anything Cross Reaction

Parallel waves.

Anything, Centers To A Wave.

Cross Chain Reaction.

Once Removed Diamonds

Patch Anyone

2 Parts

Couple. Mini-wave.


2Original Anyones U-Turn Back in flow direction.

Anything Like A Patch The Anyone Anything. Original Anyones U-Turn Back in flow direction.

Wind The Bobbin

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