Square Dancing: Interactive C3B Flash Cards

Definitions are intended to stimulate memory, not to be complete. Email me any comments or corrections.

Ordered by Andy L's teaching order.


Cross Cycle

3 Parts

2-faced line. Facing couples. Mini-wave box.

From a 2-faced line.

1 Centers Cross Fold and adjust to a box.

2 Box Counter Rotate ¼.

3 & Roll.

From other applicable 2x2s.

Recycle & Slither.

Change Lanes

Parallel lines with Centers in a mini-wave box. Other applicable.

Track n

Completed double pass thru.

Tandem Partner Trade.

Extend n times.

Triple Formations Working Direction (Concept)

Describes how to do 8-dancer calls in a 12-matrix.

Outsides work with the Centers.

Centers work with the Outsides in the given direction.


Reverse Order (Concept)

Execute the parts of the modified call in reverse order.


Tandem couples. Mini-wave box. 2x2 t-bone obtained from a mini-wave box after leaders ¼ out.

From tandem couples:

Leaders Zoom.

Trailers Circulate. Trade.

From other applicable:

Leaders Zoom.

Trailers Scoot Back.


Pitch Direction | Anything

Tandem dancers. Facing dancers. Back-to-back dancers.

Leaders Right Zing.

Trailers Circulate. ¼ Direction | Anything.

Trade The Diamond

4 Parts

Parallel lines. Generalized thar.

1 Trade The Deucey.

2 Centers Hinge.

3 Diamond Circulate.

4 Centers Hinge.

Trapezoid (Formation)

Trapezoid Formation A distorted 2x2 formed after 2 adjacent dancers move one matrix position directly away from the other.


Mirror (Concept)

In the given call, replace:

  • Right with Left, & vice-versa.
  • Beau with Belle, & vice-versa.

Fraction Cast & Relay

4 Parts

Parallel waves. 8 chain thru.

1 Arm Turn Fraction.

2 Centers Arm Turn ¾.

2 Ends ½ Circulate.

3 Star Turn Fraction.

3 Others Trade.

4 Finish It.

Cast & Relay is a Relay The Top, Replace the Arm Turn and Star Turn with the given fraction.



3 Parts

Z obtained from a line with centers in a mini-wave after a Step & Slide.

1 Outsides Cross Cast Back.

2 Trade.

3 Centers Trade.

Pass Z-Axle 1 Pass Thru. 2, 3, 4 Z-Axle.

By Golly

Facing couples. Must be preceded by a call which can be followed by Sweep ¼.

Those closest to flow direction Sweep ¼.

Others Dodge. Any shoulder Wheel Thru.

Criss Cross The Deucey

Parallel waves. Applicable 2x4 t-bones. Formation obtained after All 4 Couples Touch ¼.

Fan (Concept)

Skip the initial Arm Turn ½.


Divide The Ocean | Sea Direction | Anything

Generalized tidal line.

Rip Off


Lead Beau Run.

Lead Belle Zoom.

Trailers Beaus Walk, Belles Dodge.

Z (Concept)

A 2x2 offset by 1 position. Work in the offset to footprints.



2 Parts

Back-to-back lines. Other applicable.

1 Outsides Ends Bend.

1 Centers ¼ In.

2 Outsides Turn Thru.

2 Centers Cross Trail Thru.


Central (Concept)

Do the Centers part of the given call. Default to working in a 2x2 unless otherwise told.


Cross Loop & Fraction Tag

Mini-wave box. Tandem couples.

Peel or Trail The Deal.

Tag The Line Fraction.

Interlocked Rally

2 Parts for Centers

Generalized ¼ line. Other applicable.

Outsides Rally.

Centers 1 Interlocked Little. 2 Peel & Trail.

Interlocked Ramble

2 Parts

¾ line. Other applicable.

1 Outsides Cast Back.

1 Centers Once Removed Fold.

2 Slide Thru.



2 Parts

Parallel lines. Columns. Other applicable.

From parallel lines, this is equivalent to Detour, Expand The Column.

Reflected Tagging Call (Concept)

3 Parts

1 Tagging Call to the ½ tag position.

2 Tandem Arm Turn ¼.

3 Complete Tagging Call.


Cross Reactivate

Applicable generalized ¼ tag.

Very Centers and Directly or Diagonally Facing Outside Jay Walk.

Ends of Center Line Counter Rotate.

Center 6 Trade.

Very Outsides and Very Centers Finish It.

Tagging Call & Scatter Chain Thru


Tagging Call to ½ Tag position.

Scatter Scoot Chain Thru.

Chase The Fraction Tag

Back-to-back couples.

Belles Right-face U-Turn Back.

Beaus Fold.

Tag The Line Fraction.



Mini-wave box. Other applicable 2x2s.

Trailers Any Shoulder Wheel Thru.

Leaders ¾ Out.

Magic Diamond (Concept)

Twin diamonds.

Magic Diamonds Distorted diamond in which the Centers of one diamond work with the Points of the other diamond.

Magic Line | Wave (Concept)

Parallel lines | waves.

Magic Lines | Waves Distorted line in which the Ends of one line work with the Centers of the other line.

Stimulate (The Column)



4 Parts

Mini-wave box. Other applicable 2x2 if fractionalized.

1 ½ Zoom.

2 Hinge.

3 ½ Zoom.

4 Hinge.


Change Your Image

2 Parts


Can be fractionalized into ¼s.

Gee Whiz

Parallel lines.

Out-facing couple or designated dancers Crossfire.

Others Vertical Tag.

Lift Off

Static Set with 2 opposite couples facing out. Formation obtained from a Static Set after Heads Pass Thru.

Leaders As Couples ¼ Right.

Others Left Dodge.

Belles Distorted Box Circulate.

As Couples Extend.

Couples Circulate.

Lift Off But Lift Off, Replace the Couples Circulate with Anything.

Split Phantom Formation (Concept)

Split Phantom Formations: Boxes | Diamonds Boxes: Split the 2x8 matrix into 2 2x4 matrices.

Diamonds, ¼ Tags: Split the formation into 2 sets of adjacent diamonds or ¼ tags.

Reverse The Top

2 Parts

Wave. Facing couples. Other applicable.

1 Fan The Top.

2 Swing.


Split Turn The Key

3 Parts


1 Trade.

2 Split Counter Rotate.

3 Hinge.


Tagging Call The Top


Tagging Call to ¾ Tag position.

Centers Spin The Top.

Outsides Face. Touch ½

Shake & Rattle


Leaders Shakedown.

Trailers Reverse Split Swap.

2007-06-04 & Earlier

Change The Centers | Wave

4 Parts

Wave. Facing couples.

1 Arm Turn ½.

2 Slip.

3 Centers Cross Run.

4 Slip | Swing.

Good Show

Applicable 2x4.

Couple Up, Ends work Stable.

Interlocked Counter

¾ line. ¾ tag. Other applicable.

Two-Faced (Concept)


Replace each Arm Turn ½ with a Partner Trade as necessary.

Twosome (Concept)

2 dancers work as a single dancer, retaining their orientation in the square with respect to each other.

Strut Direction And Direction

Double pass thru. Right-hand ¼ tag.

Centers Pass Thru. Direction Turn To A Line & Spread to become #1 and #3 in a tidal line.

Ends Step Ahead. Veer Direction or Direction to become #2 and #4 in a tidal line.

Cross Chuck-A-Luck

Parallel lines with centers back-to-back.

Flip Your Lid

Right-hand | left-hand ¼ tag.

End of Center Wave Scoot Back.

Very Center Run & Circle ¼.

Outside Belle | Beau Scoot Back & Circle ¼.

Other Outside Dancers Press Ahead. Trade & Spread.


Parallel waves. 8 chain thru. Thar.

Arm Turn ½.

Ends U-Turn Back.

Trade The Deucey.


With Confidence

Parallel lines with ends in tandem. Other applicable.

Centers Hinge.

Very Centers Hinge.

Ends ½ Circulate.

Those As Couples Step forward.

Other Centers U-Turn Back. Couples Hinge.

Cross n Step(s) At A Time

3 Parts


1st n Dancers 1 Peel Off or Trail Off 2 Step Ahead. 3 Bend The Line.

Others 1 Circulate to form a compact formation. 2 Trade 3 & Roll.

Busy Anything

Parallel 2-faced lines.

Leaders Keep Busy.

Trailers ½ Circulate. Anything.

Cross Flip The Line Fraction

2-faced line.

Centers Cross Run.

Tag The Line Fraction.

Cross Lock It

Not Fractionalizable

Wave. 2-faced line.

Lock It & Spread.

Diagonal Box (Concept / Formation)

Diagonal Box Formation & Circulate Paths A 2x2 offset by 2 positions. Use stars for the traffic pattern when appropriate.

Explode The Diamond

Twin diamonds. ¾ tag. Other applicable.

Centers Explode The Wave.

Ends Circulate.

Lead End U-Turn Back.

Lickety Split

Applicable 2x4.

Line To Line

3 Parts

Facing lines. Right-hand tidal wave. Other applicable.

1 Centers Turn Thru.

1 Outsides Pass In.

2 Clover & Pass Thru.

3 Pass In.

Cross Nuclear Reaction

Generalized ¼ tag where very centers are directly facing an outside dancer.

Very Centers Pass Thru or Jay Walk with appropriate dancer.

Counter Rotate.

Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves (Concept)

Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves Add phantoms to fill a 4x4 matrix. Inside Columns | Lines | Waves work together in a 2x4 matrix. Outside Columns | Lines | Waves work together in a Disconnected 2x4 matrix.

Oddly | Evenly Concept Anything (Concept)

Do the odd | even numbered parts of Anything using Concept. Do the even | odd numbered parts normally.

Formerly Random and Reverse Random.

Reverse Checkpoint Anything By Anything

Any applicable.

Center 4 Do the 1st Anything call. Resulting Ends Stable move away from the center of the set.

Original Outsides Work around the Very Centers and do the 2nd Anything call ending as close as possible to the positions vacated by the aforementioned resulting Ends.

Reverse The Pass

3 Parts

Tandem couples.

1 Leaders Trade.

2 Pass Thru.

3 Original Trailers Trade.

Revolve To A Wave

Non t-bone 2x2.

Trailers Facing Recycle.

Leaders As one movement: Mini-Chase. Hinge.

Rotary Circulate

Reverse Single Rotate Fraction


The center point is the flagpole center except:

In a 2x4 the center point is the center of each box for dancers in lines.

If the call is preceded by Split (or Split Split), the center point is the center of the group of 4 (or 2).

If the call is preceded by the name of a formation, the center point is the center of that formation.

As Couples or individually Turn ¼ relative to the center point to Reverse Promenade direction.

Counter Rotate Fraction around the center point.


3 Parts


1 Zig-Zag.

2 Counter Rotate ¼.

3 Roll.

Single (Concept)

Single C3A applicable to more calls.

Take n

Back-to-back lines.

n Rightmost Dancers Shakedown to end in Concentric facing lines.

Others ¼ Right. Step Ahead.



Centers Touch if necessary. Cast Off ¾.

Ends ¼ Right.

Wave The Anyone

2 Parts

8 chain thru. Formation obtained from a Static Set after Heads Pass Thru. Other applicable.

1 Press Ahead.