Square Dancing: Interactive Plus Flash Cards

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Acey Deucey

Anywhere centers can trade and ends can circulate without becoming centers.

Center 4 Trade.

Others Circulate.

All 8 Spin The Top

2 Parts

Thar star. Wrong way thar. Right & left grand circle.

1 Arm Turn ½.

2 Star Turn ¾.

2 Outsides Move forward ¼.

Anything & Roll


Keep turning with the flow ¼ more.

Anything & Spread

Adds 1 Part


Centers Slide apart sideways to become ends.

Ends Slide together sideways to become centers.

Chase Right

Two couples back to back.

Right dancer Exaggerated Zoom or U-Turn Back. Box Circulate 2 positions.

Left dancer Box Circulate 2 positions.



Circulate 1½.

Center 6 Trade.

Very center two Walk diagonally out to form lines.

Two lonesome dancers Walk ahead to form lines.


2-faced line. Parallel lines of four. Inverted lines.

Ends Cross Fold.

Centers Trade and step forward.

Diamond Formation / Circulate

Diamonds Circulate Path Circulate in your diamond.

Cut The Diamond


Centers Diamond Circulate.

Points Slide together and Trade.

Flip The Diamond


Centers Diamond Circulate.

Points Flip in.

Dixie Grand


Any formation where at least two dancers can start.

1 Those who can Right Pull By.

2 Left Pull By.

3 Right Pull By.

Explode & Anything


Step forward. "Boom" or "Pop"

Turn ¼ in to face adjacent dancer.

Do Anything.

Explode The Wave


Explode & Right Pull By.



Like Mainstream's Extend but from more places.

Fan The Top

Ocean wave. 2-faced lines.

Centers Arm Turn ¾.

Ends Move up.

A Spin The Top without the initial turn.

Follow Your Neighbor

Mini-wave box. Single ¼ tag.

Facing in Step forward. Meet. Arm Turn ¾.

Facing out ¾ looping turn.

Grand Left Swing Thru

2 Parts

Tidal wave. Ocean wave of 6.

1 Those who can Right Arm Turn ½.

2 Those who can Left Arm Turn ½.

Linear Cycle

Parallel ocean waves. 4 dancer waves.


Facing out Fold.

Double Pass Thru.

Peel Off.

Load The Boat

4 Parts

Lines of four with centers facing in and ends facing the same direction.

Ends 1, 2, 3 Move around the outside, passing 3 dancers. 4 Face In.

Centers 1 Pass Thru. 2 Turn backs on partner. 3 Trade with new partner. 4 Pass Thru.

Peel Off

Tandem couples. Box circulate. Z.

Lead Walk in a semi-circle. Step forward.

Trailer U-Turn Back.

Peel The Top

Box circulate. Z.

Peel Off.

Fan The Top.

Ping Pong Circulate

¼ tag.

Ping Pong Circulate Paths. Inner & outer tracks. New Circulate path. Inside and outside tracks.

Relay The Deucey

Parallel ocean waves.

Those not turning circulate around the outside of the set.

All Arm Turn ½.

Centers Arm Turn ¾.

3 pairs (6) Arm Turn ½.

2 pairs (4) Arm Turn ½.

3 pairs (6) Arm Turn ½.

Centers Cast Off ¾.

Single Circle ¾ To A Wave

Facing dancers.

Join both hands.

Circle left ½ or ¾.

Individually, Veer Left to a mini-wave.

Spin Chain The Gears

Ocean waves.

All Arm Turn ½.

Centers Cast Off ¾.

Ends U-Turn Back.

Very centers Trade.

Rotate star ¾.

Very centers Trade.

Outside pairs of center wave Cast Off ¾.

Ends U-Turn Back.

Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears

Parallel ocean waves.

All Arm Turn ½.

Centers Cast Off ¾.

Ends U-Turn Back.

Very centers Trade.

Facing out point of the star Raise hand.

Rotate star ¾.

Snake out into waves.

Teacup Chain

Static square.

Specified dancers Move to center and star right ¾. Exit to meet corner with Left Arm Turn.

Others of same gender Move to their corner & Right Arm Turn.

Other gender Arm Turn what comes at you. Courtesy Turn when you see the partner you started the call with.

¾ Tag The Line


¾ of a Tag The Line.

Track II

Completed double pass thru.

Partner Trade in tandems.

Walk forward to waves.

Trade The Wave


Dancers facing same direction Trade.

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